About NOLAfleur

I usually explain my foray into photography by saying how I discovered it, but the truth is – photography discovered me.Tonya Armbruster

I’d taken classes as a teenager, actually working with film and developing my own pictures in a darkroom (anybody remember those?).  I enjoyed photography and always had a point-and-shoot on me, but there were so many other mediums to learn and explore that I found myself the stereotypical jack-of-all-arts, master of none.

That is, until a friend expressed her appreciation for my candid photos and asked if I would shoot her for a calendar that she wanted to present to her boyfriend for their anniversary.  I bought my first SLR for the shoot, and have never looked back.

Since then, I’ve shot everything from landscapes to musicians to portraits to burlesque!  All gratifying, but I have to admit that I have a soft spot for photographing women and showing them how truly beautiful they are – inside and out.  We women often have such image issues that we tend to fixate on those self-perceived “flaws” instead of what the rest of the world sees – our virtues.

Please enjoy the photos shown here, and call me if you want to see how beautiful the rest of the world sees you too!

Tonya Armbruster